Arlen Strader
Senior IT Manager, CEHD

Arlen's Job

I currently hold the title of "Lead Database Administrator" within Technology Services in the Dean's Office of the College of Education and Human Development at Texas A&M University. I have held this title since 2004, but I have been doing approximately the same job functions since 2001.

My primary job functions include:

  • Oversee the administration of 8-10 Unix/Linux servers for the college, include database, e-mail, and web services.
  • Ensure College information systems security, including compliance with state and university regulations. (See: TAMU SAPs, TAMU Information Security Forum)
    • Annual ISAAC Report, each March
    • Contingency Planning/Disaster Recovery
  • Manage the College's data including both employee and student information. (See CEHD Data Portal
  • Develop custom Web applications as needed by the college or other groups within the college (See Project List)