Arlen Strader
Senior IT Manager, CEHD

e-Empowerment Zone

The e-Empowerment Zone ( is a professional development materials delivery system co-developed with Dr. Trina Davis in conjunction with eEducation. The eZone platform has been used is multiple projects including

  • the Ocean Drilling Program,
  • Partnership for Environmental Education and Rural Health (PEER),
  • Accelerate Online
  • Verizon ESL program
Key Features of the e-Empowerment Zone
  • User tracking through online modules
  • "My eAssessment Center" -- a program at a glance center where student can see their progress in each of the thirty-two modules, Internship evaluations, and other progress indicators.
  • Private message boards used by student cohorts and facilitators.
  • e-Portfolio system used by students to manage artifacts developed through the program.
  • Assessments use embedded OnlineTesting exams.
  • Extensive support tools for facilitators (Internship supervisors) to use in tracking and mentoring students.
  • Extensive administrative tools to allow program directors to monitor student progress and spot students that need additional help.