Arlen Strader
Senior IT Manager, CEHD

Accelerate Online

Accelerate Online is an alternative certification program partially funded by a Transition to Teach grant from the Department of Education. In this program students with appropriate college degrees can complete a series of thirty-two online modules, a program of classroom observations, develop an online professional portfolio, and finally a year long internship in a school. Once completed with these program requirements and after passing the state certification exams students can become certified to teach in Texas middle and/or high schools.

Current certification areas available:
  • Life Science 8-12
  • Chemistry 8-12
  • Physical Science 8-12
  • Science 8-12
  • Mathematics 8-12
  • History 8-12
  • Social Studies 8-12
  • English Language Arts and Reading 8-12
Program Director: Dr. Trina Davis
Principal Investigator: Dr. Jon Denton